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Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks

Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks
  • Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks
  • Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks
  • Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks
  • Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks
  • Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks
  • Small Forland Mobile Food Trucks

Food car is used for vending fast food(ice cream,beverage,hot dog,pizza etc.) in thestreet. This cart is divided into two parts: the (front) driving cab and (back) kitchenpart. You can drive it freely as other ordinary cars,while the difference is that, it’s more than a car but also a mobile kitchen. Small Forland Mobile Food Truck can install ice cream machine, beverage machines,refrigerators, and other food machinery on professional cars. Ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, beverages, ice porridge, fruit juice, coffee, hot dogs, milk tea can be produced on the spot. It can also do teppanyaki, barbecue and more than a dozen food products. At any time, they are parked in densely populated leisure plazas, pedestrian streets, stations, theaters, wharfs, campuses, ceremonies, stadiums, tourist attractions, etc. It can also be opened to townships, suburban areas.

The advantage of Small Forland Mobile Food Truck

1. The material of both sides is glass fiber reinforced plastic.
2. The inside and outside of the food cart uses car paint.
3. The backboard of the food cart uses double-layer color steel plate with thermal insulating layer; 
4. The material of the front veil is anti-impact board. 
5. The bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high speed bearings; 
6. The tow bar and car wheels are for option. 
7. The air conditioner and ventilation system can be installed in the cart.

The specification of Small Forland Mobile Food Truck





food truck

Overall dimensions



Curb weight



Loading weight




Wheel base



F/R track base


Approach/departure angle






Max speed



Tire specification


Engine type

4W12M1petrol engine

Traction system



5-speed, manual

Number of axles


Emission standard

Euro V

Brake system

air brake

Passengers in cab


Standard configuration

1. Food van body material cold rolled steel,aluminum decorative pattern floor.

2. With a loudspeaker.

3. With a store content ark.

4. With two electric socket.

5. With a 105A battery.

6. With a 15m external power supply cord.

7. With a USB interface.

8. With a foot pedals.

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