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4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks

4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5m3 Sewage Trucks
Sewage suction truck, also called vacuum suction truck. is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transplants and clean up sludge and sewage to avoids two pollution. The suction truck has the advantages of self suction, self discharge, fast working speed, large capacity and convenient transportation, it is suitable for  collecting liquid substances such as feces, mud, crude oil, etc. Sewage suction truck are composed of chassis,vacuum tank, vacuum pump, oil-gas separator, water-gas separator, four way valve, locking device, pressure meter, the suction hose, liquid level meter, hydraulic cylinders,power take-off,hand washing device and etc.

Our tank material is made of 3/4/5mm high quality steel plate,the head is made of 3-6mm steel plate,which is formed by a large bending machine. It has higher strength. The back door can be hydraulically opened automatically to clean up the deposits in the tank. The ball valves of the truck are all made of stainless steel ball valves, which not only increases the appearance, but also improves the corrosion resistance and frost resistance. Our products are Widely used in chemical enterprise, oil depot, storehouse, shop and terminal market.

The advantage of 4X2 DongFeng 5m3 Sewage Truck

1. Imported high quality pump for option.
2. 40-45 degree hydraulical lift for clean dumping.
3.Rear door can be opened & closed hydraulically.
4. The sewage suction tank can be hydraulic self-dumping.

The specification of 4X2 DongFeng 5m3 Sewage Truck

The Parameters of 5 m3 Sewage Suction Truck



Sewage Suction Truck



Total Mass


Rated Payload


Kerb Weight




Approach/Departure Angle


The Parameters of Chassis



Driving Type

4*2 left/right hand drive

Wheel Base

3300 mm


Six speed lever with five speed forward and one reverse, manual

Front/Rear Track




The Number of Tyre

6+1(spare tyre)

Front/ Rear Suspension


Leaf Spring Number

8/9+5, 6/8+4




Rated Power


Fuel Type

Diesel oil



Emission Standard




Max. torque




The Parameters of Equipment

Tank Capacity

5 m3

Vacuum Pump Rotation Speed


Max. Suction Lift




Rotation Direction


Time for full suction


Common Accessories

Vacuum pump, ball valve, oil cylinder for rear cap, oil cylinder for dumping, pressure meter, window for showing liquid level,lock system for rear cap, four-way valve, moisture separator,sprinkler (optional), alarm for full suction (optional),etc.

The Details of 4X2 Dongfeng 5CBM Sewer Cleaning Truck
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