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4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks

4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
  • 4X2 Dongfeng 5000 Liters Water Trucks
Water tank truck also called water spraying truck. It is used for cleaning roads in urban roads, large factories, gardens and other units to beautify the environment. At the same time, it can be used for temporary emergency fire sprinkler, and each sprinkler is equipped with special fire fighting interface. Water tank truck volume range is from 3 CBM-40CBM.Our tanker body material of water tank truck is Steel-Q235B,the shape include: Ellipse and Square round.Each compartment equipped with a manhole and 2-3 anti-wave plate.Anti-wave plate is to reduce the impact of the liquid in the tank when the vehicle is running.

The multifunctional spraying truck is equipped with 2 pcs front flush (spray) (which can clean the mud, dust and garbage of the road), 2 pcs rear spray (the water can be sprinkled evenly on the road, a sprinkler width of 14-16 meters),2pcs side sprinkler, and 1 platforms with sprinkler gun.The structure of the water tank truck include:chassis,tank body, pump system,shell head, fense, manhole,ladder,lug,vice-beams,barrel,anti-wave clapboard,metering tube. The pump can be self-priming and self-draining. It has a strainer and a fire-fighting interface, and vertical suction is ≥ 7 meters.

The advantage of 4X2 DongFeng 5000Liters water truck

1.Rational structure,safe and comfortable driving cab design. 
2.Excellent engine power , low oil consumption.
3.Low oil consumption with good economic.
4. Painting: Advanced panting technology make sure tank in good situation more than 5 years .

The specification of 4X2 DongFeng 5000Liters water truck

Chassis Specification

Item No.


Overall Dimension

5990X1980X2390 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight

7360 kg



Loading Weight

3870 Kg

Wheel Base

3300 mm

Number of Axles


Approach/departure angle°


F/R track base



2 Passenger Allowed,Power Assistant Steering


Diesel, CY4100, 4-cylinder in-line with water


5 Forward & 1Reverse Gear

Engine horsepower


Max Driving Speed

90 km/h



Water Tanker

Tank Volume:

5000 Liters

Tank Material:

4mm thick,Q235A carton steel (for Drinking Water)

Sprinkling System:

1. Stainless Steel Pump:suction lift > 6m

2.Front/rear/side Sprinkler: sprinkling width > 14m

3.Rear Working Platform withWaterCannon: Range >28m

4. Other Parts:Water Valve1 piece, Fire Valve1 piece, Pipes 2 piece 3 meter long,Sprinkler 2 pieces

Function Specification:

1. Front Spraying: to both right and left side, which will wash the dirt or dust off the road.

2. Back Spraying: dust control and wet the road.

3. Back Platform: High pressure gun which can watering tree and flower beside road.

The Drawing of 4X2 DongFeng 5000Liters water truck

4X2 Dongfeng 5000Liters Water Truck

The Details of 4X2 DongFeng 5000Liters water truck

4X2 Dongfeng 5000Liters Water Truck
4X2 Dongfeng 5000Liters Water Truck

The Production Process of 4X2 DongFeng 5000Liters water truck

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