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6x4 Dongfeng 10CBM Concrete Mixer Truck

The advantage of 6x4 Dongfeng 10CBM Concrete Mixer Truck
1. Shape:  The tank body adopts a pear-shaped structure with small inclination angle, low center of gravity, and safe and stable driving.
2. Material: The mixer drum and blade are made of 520JJ special wear-resistant steel, which can enhance wear resistance and extend service life effectively.
3. Structure: The sub-frame adopts the assembled cable-stayed structure to further improve the anti-torsion capability of the frame; reasonably reduce the influence of the torsion of the upper part on the chassis, and extend the service life of the chassis from the structure.

The specification of6x4 Dongfeng10CBM Garbage Compactor Truck

Vehicle Model

EQ5252GJBT 6x4 Dongfeng Cement Mixer

Overall Dimensions(mm)


Mixing Volume(L)




Gross Weight(kg)


Rated Loaded Weight(kg)


Curb Weight(kg)


Engine Model

ISLe375  40



Displacement standar

Euro 4

Oil Consumption(L/100km)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Cab Type

Flat head and single row with a sleeper can be flipped

Audio Configuration


Heating and Cooling System

Air Conditioning, warm air

Cold Boot Temperature Range

General condition:-10to55℃;special circumstances:-40to55

Transmission Gear

Shanxi Fast eight and nine Gear transmission

Oil tank capacity

Completed steel 350L

Tire Size

11.00-20, 11.00R20, 12.00-20, 12.00R20

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