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50000 Liter Gas Filling Station For Cylinder

50000 Liter Gas Filling Station For Cylinder
  • 50000 Liter Gas Filling Station For Cylinder
  • 50000 Liter Gas Filling Station For Cylinder
  • 50000 Liter Gas Filling Station For Cylinder
  • 50000 Liter Gas Filling Station For Cylinder
LPG filling plant is a specialized equipment for storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), it is for filling gas cylinders and LPG vehicles. It can be designed and installed on the basis of terrain, site area, construction cost, operation convenience and so on. Our LPG storage tank strictly adopts scientific advanced construction technology to ensure the lowest shrinkage rate and the highest dimensional stability at low temperature, so that the evaporation rate is the lowest and the operation is safe and reliable.

The quality of the material, appearance and weld quality, operation quality, installation quality, internal device and safety accessories of the product is strictly evaluated. It is suitable for the storage of LPG, liquid ammonia, carbon disulfide, ethylene oxide, gasoline, butane, propane, propylene and other oil, fuel and chemical raw materials. Pump is equivalent to the entire device of the brain. It is a equipment mainly used in storage and filling liquefied gas between tanks and cylinders or gas vehicle. We can offer you different brand of filling pump for your LPG filling plant, such as Chinese brand pump, American Corken and Blackmer pump. The fire sprinkler system in the liquefied gas station is the safety guarantee of the tank area of the liquefied gas storage tank. When the temperature of the tank is too high, it will trigger the automatic fire pump to spray water and danger in time. In order to ensure the safe operation of LPG storage tanks, it is very important to establish a complete automatic fire control system at LPG storage and distribution station.

The advantage of 50CBM LPG Filling Plant

1.Easy and safe to operate.
2.100% X-ray test.
3.Storage tank with 2 times corrosion resistance painting.
4.Hydraulic water pressure test: 2.22Mpa

The specification of 50CBM LPG Filling Plant


Volume of Tank (cbm)


Tare Weight (kg)

10190 kg

Filling Capacity (kg)

19950 kg

Thickness of Shell (mm)


Thickness of Endplate (mm)


Tank cylinder diameter (mm)


External Dimensions (mm)



Material of Tank and Main Pressure Parts

Carbon Steel Q345R

Filling Medium

Liquefied Petroleum Gas(propane)

Design Pressure


Test Pressure


Corrosion Allowance

1 mm

Medium Density

420 kg/ cbm

Main parts of LPG Tank


Specification/ mm


Discharge Pipe



Inflow Pipe






Gas phase balance pipes






Drain Hole



Other accessories:Cut-off Valve, Needle Valve, Safety Valve, Liquid level meter, Pressure gauge, Temperature Gauge.

LPG Skid Part list


Model Number


LPG Tanker

LPG Storage Tank

1 piece

LPG Filling Pump

2" inlet& outlet, 5.5KW, 380V/50Hz, Ex-proof,

1 Piece


Adapt 220V electricity to 380V with speed control

1 Piece

Cylinder Filling Scale

Can fill 3kg to 150kg LPG cylinder

1 Pieces

Leakage Detector

Leakage warning detector

1 Unit



1 sets

Cut-off Valve

J41N-40 DN15

8 Pieces

Safety Valve

A42F-25 DN50

1 Piece

Pipe Safety Valve

A21F-25 DN15

1 Piece

Ball floating level gauge


1 Piece

Discharging pipe

L=4M DN50/DN25

1 Piece

Shock-absorbing Tube

L=500mm DN50

2 Pieces



14 Pieces

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