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According to the total weight or the number of seats, our Jeep is usually divided into three types: large, medium and small. It can be customized, designed and produced according to customers' requirements. It is based on the Isuzu engine, which is used to carry passengers on the street, and can also stow seats to transport goods. Jeep is famous for its unique appearance, colorful body colors and patterns.

Main specification Chassis brand ISUZU
Chassis model NPR
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6950*2250*2800mm
Internal height 1730mm
Axle No. 2
Curb weight 4100kg
GVW 7300kg
Chassis Cabin Single row with flip cab, radio
Drive modle 4*2, left hand drive
Wheel Base 3815mm
Front/rear suspension 1110/2025mm
Front/Rear Axle Qingling 3000010-LP51A/2400010-LE40A
Frame 700×170 (4.5)
Clutch 250mm Diaphragm spring clutch
Gears MSB-5SM5.016;2.524;1.489;1.0;0.713;R4.783
Steering Rack 803
Air filter Filter air filter
Fuel Tank 100L
Number of leaf springs 3/3+2
Tyre size 7.00R16 14PR, with one spare tyre
Tyre number 6+1 nos
Engine Fuel/Engine type: 4KH1CN5MD(4JH1-TC)
Type 6 cylinders, in-line, 4-stroke,water-cooled,turbo inter-cooling,diesel engine
Engine power 130hp/96kw/2900 r/min
Engine emission standard EURO 5
Displacement 3L
Max. torque 277N.m
Vehicle Performance Maximum speed 98km/h
Minimum turning radius 190mm
Maximum climbing angle 30%
Van body structure parameters
Van body dimensions Length 5840mm
Width 2250mm
Height 1830mm
Window Type Sliding tempered glass, with aluminum frame
Air conditioning Type Non independent, overhead air conditioner
Brand Kinglong
Maximum refrigerating capacity 16000Kcal/h
Seats Nos. 15+1
Material Bus SeatsImitation leather seats
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