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How to use mobile stage truck correctly and skillfully

The introduction of mobile stage truck manufacturers, mobile stage truck driving skills, including skills and road experience.

First when we on the road there are these following points: less lane change, focus on the rear vehicles! Slow down when there is traffic in your lane, but don't rock. To prevent other cars from getting in front of you, drive left and slightly to the right! Keep to the right a little to the left! Hold your own lane in the middle.

Do not do three car line, prevent ahead when overtaking, you may want to see the right way of the car, have a rival car overtaking is very simple and easy to form three car side by side in an instant, and in this moment if one car handling, errors are likely to form the bad car accident. Overtaking car, passing the rear, overtaking if discover the car want to their own side of the vehicle ahead when he should slow down waiting for time to press close to, each other is 2 car to travel, see the rear of the infer that he is the motion of the target!

Don't hesitate: when you can move, move fast, parking will be stable. Always pay attention to the parking whether the car has slide phenomenon.

Let mobile stage car accompany us for a lifetime, this is the goal of mobile stage truck manufacturers. Mobile stage vehicles for a lifetime, this is the ultimate goal of mobile stage truck manufacturers.
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