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Garbage compactor truck maintenance knowledge

Routine maintenance is carried out after daily operation

Wash the car body and rub the glass and rearview mirror after routine maintenance. Flush the inside of bins, fillers, and sump tanks to remove residual waste, and do not spray water directly onto electrical components and tank air intakes when washing your car.

Clean the sealing joint surface to ensure good sealing and avoid damage of rubber sealing strip and pad due to hard or hard objects in garbage.

Check engine oil level and coolant level, add if necessary.

After starting the engine, observe and listen to whether its operation is normal, check whether the car instrument, lights, driving brake, parking brake, steering system and power extraction device is normal.

Check the liquid level of the hydraulic oil tank. The oil level of the oil tank shall not be lower than the minimum height shown on the oil label.

Check the operation devices, electronic control buttons and sensors, if there is any problem should be adjusted or replaced in time.

Check whether the whole car is leaking oil, water or air.

Check whether the tire nut, bolts, nuts and pin shaft are loose;

Check tire appearance and air pressure. Troubleshoot the day's problems.

Primary maintenance shall be carried out every 50 hours for primary maintenance, with the focus on lubrication and fastening.

Secondary maintenance shall be carried out every 250 hours for secondary maintenance, with the focus on inspection and adjustment.

The third level maintenance every operation 1000 hours to carry out three level maintenance parts assembly disintegration, cleaning, inspection, adjustment and eliminate hidden dangers as the focus.

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