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Five Ways to Prevent Water Truck from Illness

Prevention of metal rusting

Corrosion is mainly caused by the combined action of moisture, oxygen and corrosive substances in the air. Therefore, for long-term parked water truck, metal surface should be kept clean. Ventilation should be maintained in the garage of parked vehicles to keep the relative humidity of the air below 70. Dust, dirt, and water in the sprinkler should be removed in time. Oil, grease or oil paper should be coated on rusty parts and parts. The holes in the assembly mechanism should be sealed to prevent air, moisture, and dust from entering the interior.

Preventing aging and deterioration of rubber products

Rubber products on water trucks,  such as tires, transmission belts, and dust-proof covers, are often aged, expanded or shaped, resulting in deterioration of performance and shorter service life. Aging of rubber products is mainly due to the fact that rubber belongs to unsaturated macromolecular hydrocarbons, which can easily absorb oxygen in the air and oxidize. At the same time, vulcanized rubber has certain permeability, and oxygen can easily enter the interior to oxidize. In particular, direct sunlight can promote the rapid aging of the rubber. Rubber products contaminated by gasoline and engine oil will lead to volume expansion, loose colloid and decreased elasticity. In order to prevent the aging of rubber products, direct sunlight and mineral oil contact should be avoided.

Prevention of mildew and rot of cotton and linen products

Cushions and carpets are easy to absorb moisture, especially in wet areas and rainy season, more vulnerable to damp mildew. Therefore, the owner should check the cotton and linen products on the car regularly and keep them dry.

Preventing degradation of explosion resistance of diesel oil

The box should be tightly sealed and the temperature should be avoided. The storage time of diesel oil should not be too long.

Check the working condition of the engine regularly

Start the engine at least once a month and idle for 4-5 minutes. Check the operation of the engine. If there are abnormal phenomena, timely adjustment and maintenance are required. In addition, batteries should be checked regularly. The electrolyte level of the battery must be 10-15 mm higher than that of the plate. Distilled water should be added in time when the battery is insufficient. The battery should be charged if necessary.

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