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If garbage compactor truck did not have a specific movement, what do you do?

1. Check that the relevant institutions

Directly operate the multiway valve, if still no action, shall be sent to the designated repair point for repair. If the operation is normal, the following check should be continued.

Whether the button switch selected on the main control panel is correct.

Check the multiway valve corresponding to the action, whether the overload valve is released, unable to establish pressure and no action; Or the handle seat is separated from the mechanism of the corresponding cylinder. If not, check as follows.

2. Check the gas circuit

3. Check the circuits

Check the pump, valve, pipe and cylinder. The check should be carried out in the repair shop.

4. Check the circuit

Check the input and output circuits through the input and output indicator lights on the PLC. Track and inspect the wire according to the wire number to determine whether the peripheral wire of PLC is broken and whether the safety plate and component are damaged. It is also possible that the programmable controller is damaged after accurately judging that the peripheral circuit is trouble-free. If so, replace the programmable controller.

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