Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

Quick Purchase for the Promoting Cars of Hubei Chengli in Yuejin Advertisement in Advance should be Done

The cars for promoting of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is used excellent full color screen with high definition, accompanied with high brightness, stable performance, impact resistance and three-dimensional and lifelike frame, being vivid and dynamic. In addition, it is equipped with light-operated system which can adjust the brightness of screen according to outdoor light. It can move quickly, change the site and information at any time, without installation and discharging. It is able to complete the task of info diffusion with multiple forms, multiaspect and different kinds,which is suitable for stage background of some activities or live broadcasting of concerts, large-scale parties and stadiums or advertising communication platforms. It is sure that when customers are at the sight of this perfect car, they will be attracted. In addition, the drivers will accompany the customers to tell them how to operate during the whole course. It is so simple that the customers will master it quickly.  

In early days, Mr. Ai from Hangzhou, Jiangxi phoned the sales manager in Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., consulting the specific parameters about the promoting car. And the manager answer every question referred patiently. Today. Mr. Ai signed the contract with the manager in Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. and paid for the deposit, afterwards what he should do is to wait for the good news at home.

Many orders regarding the cars for promotion are undertaken in workshops in Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. However, Yuejin Advertisement get them finished, performing their products perfectly. The cars for promotion of Yuejin Advertisement in Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. are ready to start. The sales manager in Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. settles all procedures for users, temporary licence and insurances down when the cars roll off ideally. The drivers are preparing to set off!
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