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What are the materials of the common car body and stage board of the roadshow truck?

"The stage is as big as the heart". For the roadshow trucks, the size of the stage mainly depends on the material of the car body and the stage board. Only the special materials of the car body and the stage board can support the large stage area. Roadshow trucks belongs to special vehicles. What is the material of its body and stage looking like?

1. The truck body of the road show is composed of aluminum profiles and stamping parts. The outer plate is aluminum alloy plate, the interior is waterproof plywood, and the stage plate is special stage anti-skid.

2. The right side of the outer plate and the right side of the roof of the roadshow truck are lifted to the vertical position with the countertop by hydraulic pressure, forming the roof with fixed shading, rain protection, light and bearing surface of advertisement.

3. The inner board (stage board) on the right side is folded in two, which will be used as the stage after being flipped by hydraulic pressure. The rolling boards on the left and right sides of the stage will be installed, and the T table will be installed in the front.

4. Stage board adopts waterproof, skidproof and fireproof web plywood.

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