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What should be paid attention to before Swing Arm Garbage Truck is Operated?

Swing arm garbage truck is widely used for garbage disposal of the cities, streets and schools. It is suitable for the national general garbage hopper, which can be equipped with multiple garbage hoppers in one truck. Each garbage place can be placed with multiple garbage hoppers, with self-dumping function and hydraulic operation.

1. Before operating the swing arm garbage truck, read the instructions in detail. It is strictly forbidden for those who do not read the instructions to operate the swing arm garbage truck.

2. We should observe the working place in detail before operating the swing arm garbage truck. No obstacles should be found in the swing arm motion radius of the swing arm garbage truck.

3. No one is allowed to enter the radius of swing arm movement when swing arm garbage truck lifts garbage hopper. Otherwise, it may cause personal injury.

4. Wheels must be stopped by cushion when the vehicle is working on a slope greater than 12%.

5. The pressure regulation of the hydraulic system of the swing arm garbage truck is strictly prohibited to exceed the specified value of the instruction. After the system is repaired, the experienced personnel must adjust the hydraulic test bench according to the requirements before loading the truck.

6. When swing arm garbage truck works, only when the support leg confirms that the truck is supported can the lifting heavy objects carried out, otherwise unexpected danger will occur.

7. We must strictly abide by the operating rules of the swing arm garbage truck. We must stop working if we find abnormal movement of the mechanism in the truck, and find out the cause in time to correct the trouble and continue working.

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