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Nissan D9 Tanking Car of CLW Group Becomes the Industry Leader and Customers Rush to Buy

As the national environmental requirements gets higher and higher this year, and the demand of tanking cars from customers is growing, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd as the top 500 private enterprises in Hubei becomes more and more strict to the quality of this kind of car. A variety of tanking cars are here and according to customers’ requirements, the price will vary. Take 12 square tanking car as an example, it includes Nissan Zhuandi, Nissan Yuhu and Nissan 145, etc. Therefore, we mainly recommend Nissan D9 tanking car.

Nissan D9 tanking car features with beautiful appearance and superior performance, which is used Commins 180 horsepower. The whole car is carried with the same type air conditioner and its wheels are taken advantage of 9.00 steel wire tyre, which meets all the needs of customers. In the meantime, Nissan D9 tanking car of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is hot among all tanking cars, many customers fall over the engagement to buy it. Several days ago, a customer and his friend from Baoding in Hubei placed an order for it which would be equipped with electronic antiaircraft gun. They asked us to deliver the car. The photo below was about the departure of Nissan D9 tanking car.

It has been rainy for 2 days in Suizhou and the drivers in Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd are occupied with the preparation before the departure. Nissan D9 tanking car will be tested in the rainy days this time and the drivers are all wet. Under such cold circumstances, we should admire what they have done. Surely, the test also speaks for Nissan D9 tanking car which has the best spraying effect.
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