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What should we Pay Attention to when an LED Advertising Truck Runs on the Road?

At present, the LED advertising truck has already applied to the national development and reform commission for the announcement, applying that they can run with a license plate, like ordinary vehicles,and be inspected by the vehicle administration office. So, we can relieve that it is just like buying a private car.

However, when you buy a car, you must let the merchant show the formalities of the formal publicity vehicle, because only through the formalities of complete formalities, can you ensure that running on the road is safe. Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of LED advertising trucks, produced vehicles which can all run with a license plate on the road, eliminating the subsequent worries of everyone.

Although LED advertising trucks can be legally running on the road, in order to be more secure, we still need to pay attention to the following points: according to the situation of different places, some areas need to go to the local cultural bureau for relevant formalities and records, at the same time, and made the for propaganda car certificates in the City Administration, and made the passing license in the traffic police department.

When you buy a car, you must choose a regular LED advertising truck manufacturer, so that you can get a formal certificate, formal invoices. In that way, you don't have to worry about the illegal modification of the truck and it can directly be set the license plate.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. has high quality LED advertising trucks for sale. The advertising trucks for sale are of good quality and reasonable price. They occupy a place in the market. Welcome users to call to inquire about the relevant information of the LED advertising trucks for sale.

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