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Can the cleaning suction truck really suck up all the things in the underground pipes?

Sewage suction trucks are combined with vacuum sewage pollution car, high pressure dredge, pollution on the two functions of mutual cooperation, joint operation, internal waters of tank through high pressure reciprocating pump up to 160 kg to 200 kg pressure, again through the high pressure hose and nozzle, using the reaction of water nozzle to drive down to the depths of the hose into the sewer, which have the effect of dredge, cleaning pipes, achieve the purpose of cleaning dredge.

After the dredging is completed, the suction rubber tube is placed below the liquid level, and the power extractor is connected to drive the vacuum pump to operate. The air in the tank gradually turns into a vacuum state, and the sewage sludge and other media in the sewer enter into the suction tank under the action of atmospheric pressure through the suction rubber tube, and then transported to the sewage plant or discharge site for discharge.

Sewage suction truck is with high efficiency of pumping, self - suction, self - discharge and sewage, sewage mud pumping, cleaning and shipping. The special part is made up of force extractor, transmission shaft, vacuum suction pump, water and gas separator, oil and gas separator, multi-way reversing valve, boom, water tank, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system and so on. It has enough vacuum for suction. Large tonnage, high efficiency, wide range to use. There is no secondary pollution. Suitable for large and small cities, chemical industry, factories and mines, etc. For the city green sky bluer, greener water, more fragrant flowers made a major contribution.
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