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Detailed Decompression of Compact Garbage Truck Maintenance Knowledge and Matters needing Attention

The compact garbage truck is the star product of a sanitation truck, and it is also the most hardworking and humiliating special vehicle It has powerful functions, handsome appearance, but it does the dirtiest and heaviest work. It is precise because of them that our urban environment is better and the air is fresher. Compact garbage trucks work in harsh conditions, long working hours and heavy workload. Every owner should cherish and care for them. Do a good job of periodic maintenance projects, so that garbage trucks more healthy and efficient work, and can greatly reduce vehicle maintenance and parts replacement, increase the service life of the car. A compact garbage truck is divided into chassis, engine maintenance and upper part maintenance, which involves various maintenance categories and matters needing attention are explained in detail below.

Maintenance of chassis and engine of a compact garbage truck

Compact garbage truck chassis and engine parts are maintained following the chassis and engine operating instructions of various brands of automobile companies. Brand service stations or repair shops can be selected nearby for regular inspection and maintenance. Check engine oil level and coolant level. If it is below the average value, add it in time. After starting the engine, observe whether it works properly and listen to whether there is any abnormality in the sound of the engine. Check whether automotive meters, lights, driving brakes, parking brakes, steering systems, and power harvesters are normal.

Loading and maintenance of compact garbage truck

After a daily operation, wash the car body, clean the glass and rearview mirror. Wash the inside of the garbage bin, filler and sewage tank, remove the residual garbage, and do not spray water directly into the electrical components and gas intake holes of the tank when washing the car. Clean the sealing joint surface to ensure good sealing, while avoiding damage to rubber seals and gaskets due to hard or hard materials in the garbage. Check the liquid level of the hydraulic tank. The oil level of the tank should not be lower than the lowest height indicated by the oil mark. When the oil is insufficient, it should be refueled and supplemented. Check the operation device operation, electronic control buttons and sensors, if there is any problem, it should be adjusted or replaced in time. Check whether there are oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage in the whole vehicle. Check whether the tire nuts, bolts, nuts, and pins are loose.

Check the tire appearance and air pressure to remove the faults that occurred on that day.

Matters needing attention in maintenance

It is strictly forbidden for people to stand and pass under the filler after lifting. When lifting the filler for some maintenance work, the solid support should be applied to hold it up to prevent malignant incidents. During the overhaul, it is necessary to prevent collision and knock, to avoid parts damage, deformation and scratches. Cleaning must be paid attention to when disassembling and assembling the hydraulic system. When the hydraulic system or electrical control system needs to be disassembled, the filler should be in the falling position. The scraper and slide must be slowly lowered or fixed first, otherwise, the sudden movement of the filler or scraper and slide will cause equipment damage and other malignant accidents.

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