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Cautions and Maintenance of Large-scale Suction Sewage Truck

Large suction sewage trucks, as the name implies, are larger than ordinary suction sewage trucks. At the same time, because of its large power and loading capacity, it saves the time for small suction sewage trucks to transport back and forth, so the use efficiency of large suction sewage trucks is much higher than that of ordinary suction trucks. It can absorb more mud, bigger stones and bricks!

Some points for attention and maintenance of large-scale suction sewage trucks in peacetime are summarized as follows:
1. Lubricating oil: 1). The ordinary diesel engine oil for vacuum pump should be inspected and supplemented every 3 days. 2). The hydraulic working oil in the hydraulic tank should be checked and supplemented every 7 days.

2. Cautions for transmission mechanism: Before work, check the transmission shaft, coupling and other abnormal loosening, to tighten and fix in time, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage to pumps and power take-off and gearbox and other devices.

3. One-way cutting gas-water separator: It is a double protection device for automatic operation in case of failure of full automatic stopping suction device in tank in order to prevent sewage from entering pump. Inhalation of sludge can easily erode the socket and ball, so it should be replaced regularly. In addition, it is easy to accumulate sewage during operation, so it is necessary to drain and clean floating balls after operation, and replace floating balls regularly.

4. Oil and gas separators: Separated oil is reused as vacuum pump lubricant, but the separated water will be stored at the bottom of the tank, such as oil whitening, which will reduce lubricity and air tightness. Therefore, the interior should be cleaned regularly and the oil should be replaced.

5. Clamping device for rear tank door: After long-term use, internal dirt can not tighten the handwheel, so every three months should be eradicated and cleaned of internal door stains and rust, and appropriate lubrication.

6. When using the power take-off device, the clutch must be stepped fast and slowly, otherwise the gearbox and the power take-off device will be damaged.
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