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The Introduction of the Dock Truck

Dock truck is an efficient vehicle for collecting and transporting garbage for urban sanitation. During the process of garbage collection and transporting, secondary pollution caused by leakage can be avoided. It is ideal equipment for urban sanitation work and one of the key development directions of national special vehicle planning. The dump garbage truck has two main types: open top type and fully enclosed carriage type. Among them, the open-top dump garbage truck is mainly used for bulk garbage collection and transportation, and some of them are used for supporting large vertical garbage compressors, whose functions overlap with the car unloadable garbage truck. The fully enclosed car dump garbage truck is mainly used for supporting small and medium garbage compressors, which is an indispensable important part of garbage disposal. 

Product characteristics:
Drawing lessons from mature technology and craft at home and abroad, and independently developing according to national conditions, it has strong adaptability to domestic working environment.
The chassis of famous manufacturer is selected to save energy and economy.

With fully enclosed carriage, sealed back door and large capacity sewage tank, garbage is transported in a sealed way, thus eliminating the leakage of garbage and sewage along the way and avoiding secondary pollution in the process of transportation.

The dumping method is adopted with large inclination angle, simple structure, fast and clean unloading.
With air control and manual operation mode, the operator can complete the control of docking vehicle both inside and outside the cab.
The use of explosion-proof valves, hydraulic locks and safety rods and other security measures to ensure safe and reliable operation.
The car body has less material, light weight, less no-load energy consumption, environmental protection and low carbon.

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