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Four methods of cleaning the tank body of fecal suction tank

1. It is necessary to drain the sewage sludge in the tank body of the suction tank clean before cleaning the tank body of fecal suction truck.

2. After fecal suction truck tank sewage silt mopping into the clean, open the top of the tank tank suction tank manhole, open the sewage outlet, and wait until unobstructed atmosphere for a while, you can come in the tank. Continue with a long hose on the water faucet, flush all parts of the inner wall of the fecal suction tank, and flush the dirt attached to the inner wall clean. It’s better if you used a water cannon.

3. For fecal suction truck, when suction silt sewage, suction is bigger, inevitable meeting is inspiratory sand stone, these sand stone accumulate inside the tank, be discharged not easily. To clean up the sediment in the tank of the manure suction truck, people need to go through the manhole to enter the tank, and use the shovel and other objects to push the sediment out from the sewage outlet.

4. After cleaning the tank body of fecal suction truck, the cleaning personnel will come out through the manhole and take out the dirt, do not leave the tools in the jar. After the cleaning personnel come out, remember to close the manhole on the roof of the tank.
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