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Reasons for Safety Disadvantage of Driving Water Truck at Night

 The biggest difference between night driving water truck and daytime driving is that night driving sprinkler can observe and look ahead in the dark. Because of narrow vision, poor vision, blinding when meeting, and poor vision, it is very harmful to driving safety, especially on the road with poor lighting. Some terrain and objects are hidden in the darkness, which is difficult to recognize. It is necessary to observe road traffic with the help of car lights. Therefore, the driver must have a good understanding of the relationship between sprinkler lighting and traffic safety, and correctly grasp the lighting, in order to ensure driving safety.

I. Factors unfavorable to safety when driving at night
1. Observing road conditions and traffic conditions at night is more painful than during the day. It is easy to get tired visually, and it also drives unconsciously according to the memory of road conditions at ordinary times.

2. When driving at night, the driver will be dazzled by the illumination of the rear lights, the reflection of the front and rear mirrors or the intense illumination of the opposite car when meeting with the car. The driver's eyesight will decrease and he will not be able to see clearly the surrounding situation in front of the car.

3. When the sprinkler runs in the same direction, when the current sprinkler passes through the convex and concave ground, its tail lamp or brake lamp will jump or the light will shine, and the shadow will change, which will cause the rear driver to have a bad perception of the road terrain or misunderstand the real situation of the ground objects. If sometimes the sprinkler with the taillights in the distance ahead is mistakenly parked, it will be found that the parking time is less than that of the collision.

4. When the sprinkler travels to the place where the street lights are not well illuminated or the dark vision is not clear, pedestrians suddenly cross the adjacent lane and cross the lane with it in danger.

5. The visibility of objects on the road at night varies with the color of objects. White and yellow are easy to identify, while blue and grey are not easy to identify. Therefore, the clothing color of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians can not be ignored in driving.

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