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High-quality Makes 145 Tanking Cars of Chengli Stand out

Tanking cars are the leading products of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd, which is the fixed-point professional manufacturer for all kind is the fixed-point professional manufacturer for all kinds of special purposes vehicles granted by NDRC. It is the manufacturing plant for national well-known landscaping, the petrochemical industries, municipal environmental sanitation and the pressure vessel. The full range tanking cars of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd are provided meeting all your needs, including spray trucks, multifunctional watering carts, tanking cars for landscaping, water-tank lorries and water transporting vehicles. Watering carts are suitable for pavement flushing with all classifications, trees, the green belt, lawn greening, roads, constructions of factories and mine and architecture flushing with high altitude, functioning as water spraying, dust pressing, spraying with high and low level, pesticide spraying and guardrail flushing. The tanking cars of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd not only meet the “National Fifth Standard” in the public, but provide those conforming to “National Third Standard” for some customers using in the factories, with reasonable price.

Ms. Wen from Hubei would like to buy a tanking car used within the plant so she contacted the sales manager of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd through the official website offered. The sales manager got to know what Ms. Wen needed so he recommended the Nissan 145 tanking car with 12 square free from registration whose chassis applying Yucai 160 horsepower and Commins 170 horsepower. Because her company is located in a mine area, where has many slopes, the sales manager introduced this chassis of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd and sent the related photos to her, after which Ms. Wen reported to her company.

After half a month, the company Ms. Wen works for decided to buy it and contacted to the sales manager again and signed the contract as well as paid for the deposit. According to her requirements, the service platform of dewing machine is reserved and the dricab is installed with the air conditioner. The workers are trying to complete process of production, canning, assembling, debugging and spraying. Before the delivery, the driver has done the final water spray test, all functions working properly, and Ms. Wen settled the final payment done before the car left the factory. Master Jia prepared to set off to Baoding with Nissan 145 tanking car.  
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