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The Introduction of the Dock Truck

The dock truck, also known as the dock truck of garbage compression station, is a special vehicle for garbage transporting and discharging in the urban garbage compression station.

The operation system of the vehicle is accomplished by a hydraulic control system, which can be operated manually or electrically. Compressed garbage station lifts the garbage bin vertically after it is compressed into blocks and opens the drainage door of the compression bin. Then the back door of the garbage truck rotates upward and opens. The back door of the garbage truck is connected with the back door of the compression bin. After that, the garbage block is pushed horizontally into the garbage truck body by the push board in the compression bin. After the garbage loading is completed, the back door of the garbage truck is closed and the garbage is Dump. At present, the garbage collection and transportation mode of garbage truck is widely used in the garbage compression station in China. It can realize one truck with multiple stations, greatly reducing the cost and space of equipment and so on. The function of the special device is powered by automobile engine, which is realized by manual or electronic control of hydraulic mechanism and pneumatic control. Carbon steel plate is fully sealed and welded, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight and no secondary pollution.

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