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Would You Like to Make Money in Hot Summer? Choose a Cold Chain Transport Light Truck Quickly

In hot summer, the most comfortable thing may be "lying at home, blowing the air conditioner and eating watermelon." If there is another ice cream, it would be better. But summer is not so good for many friends who drive the trucks: how to transport vegetables and fruits and how to keep them fresh is a headache thing. The refrigerated transportation of frozen food and dairy products also makes many cold chain transporters have melancholy.

As the main force of urban distribution, light truck refrigerated truck is the main undertaker to get through the cold storage to the final destination. At this time, it is urgent to select a light truck refrigerated truck with strong load-carrying capacity, excellent heat insulation, corrosion resistance and intelligent. Today, I would like to talk  with the cardholders who are concerned about the urban cold chain transportation industry about how to choose a suitable light truck cold chain transport vehicle.

First of all, I would like to talk with you about the special features of cold chain transport vehicles:

1.Cold chain trucks need a strong refrigerator as a refrigeration device, and the energy of the refrigerator is provided by the engine, so the power demand of cold chain trucks is higher.

2. Although refrigerators produce the cool air, thermal insulation of the carriage is equally important. Otherwise, it may lead to insufficient refrigeration temperature. At the same time, the refrigerators will divert more power from the engine and reduce transportation efficiency.

3. The transportation of cold chain products is calculated by the hour, and the requirements for the efficiency and quality of vehicle transportation are higher than those of ordinary light trucks.

Therefore, in view of the special features of the above cold chain trucks, we also need to select cold chain light trucks which are more powerful and have better quality when choosing cold chain trucks.

The Farst gearbox of Dongfeng Capote Cold Transport Star adopts double intermediate axle design and three-cone synchronizer structure, which further improves the transmission efficiency of power. It not only has a good shift feel, but also saves more fuel than the general gearbox. The rear axle of Dena 5.5 tons is equipped with 4.88 high speed ratio, and its load capacity is one of the best in the same level.  From the view of power chain, Dongfeng Capote Cold Transport Star copes with the urban cold chain transport scenario.

The second step is to test the condition of the refrigerators and containers of the refrigerated vehicles. For refrigeration units, Dongfeng Capote Cold Transport Star has several brands to choose. Whether it is Lengwang, Kaili or Korea Korea and Asia, it is a big brand in the refrigeration industry. The refrigeration effect is strong, and the energy consumption can be controlled within a reasonable range.

The whole skeleton "sandwich" bonding process is adopted in the box part. The inner and outer panels are made of domestic high-quality plexiglass sheet (colored steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel can be choosen), and imported polyurethane with 8mm thickness is used as intermediate insulation material, and aluminium alloy rim is used around the box, and it has good heat preservation, and it is strong and durable.

The last step, of course, is to choose more efficient vehicles. What determines transport efficiency? First of all, the carriage space should be large. After all, more loads will make you earn more; secondly, the vehicle design is convenient for loading and unloading, because many of the goods transported in cold chain are small goods, which need manual loading and unloading. If the design is unreasonable, this extreme long time of this part is not only inefficient, but also has the risk of thawing and deterioration. So what about the East Wind Capote Cold Luck Star?

The container size of Dongfeng Capote Cold Transport Star is 4170X2300X2300mm. The refrigeration volume of the whole vehicle can reach 22 sides. Many cardholders who are not familiar with the cold transport vehicle may not know what level the 22 sides are.

In fact, the container volume of urban cold light trucks is generally about 19 cubic meters, and a few cars which have "big space" can reach 20 cubic meters, while the capacity of Dongfeng Capote Cold Transport Star reaches 22 cubic meters, 15% higher than the industry average level – it can load goods of more three cubic meters, so you can earn money for the three more cubic meters.

In vehicle design, besides the conventional double back doors, Dongfeng Capote Cold Transport Star also designed side doors separately to cope with different transport scenarios.

In a word, starting from the actual use scenario of the cold chain transport vehicle, this vehicle is in the forefront of the cold chain transport market in terms of power chain, loading space and loading and unloading efficiency. Recent cold chain transport light truck buyers can consider this car, and I believe you will not be disappointed.

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