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Maintenance of the Tanker

Mobile fuel truck should not only pay attention to the maintenance of chassis and tank, but also the maintenance of tanker. Maintenance of mobile fuel trucks is related to the service life of vehicles and the safety of drivers. In the operation of fuel trucks, when oil is loaded or dumped, it is easy to catch fire; when refueling, oil and gas are volatilized from the finished oil, which is also very easy to cause fire. These major dangerous sources of flow have huge fire safety hidden dangers.

Attention should be paid to the use of tankers:
1. The filters in the tanker should be cleaned regularly (at least once a month) with gasoline for copper mesh cloth sleeves. Damage should be replaced and dirt in the tanker should be removed to protect the oil pump and flowmeter.
2. When using an oil gun, it is necessary to avoid abnormal operation such as tapping the receiving container and pressing the switch with the injection pipe of the oil gun, so as to avoid damaging the oil gun and causing oil leakage. It is necessary to check and tighten the stop screw on the oil injection pipe regularly to prevent the root of the oil injection pipe from loosening and damage.
3. Maintenance of the electrical part of the mobile fuel trucks must first cut off the power supply, and avoid live disassembly. Do not damage the explosion-proof surface when opening the explosion-proof box. Dust and foreign bodies in the explosion-proof chamber should be cleaned up, the cable sealing should be good, the metal pad and sealing pad can not be lost, the number of screw is not short, tightening is reliable, in order to ensure the explosion-proof performance of electrical components.

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