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CLW Group has been Selected as Top 500 Private Enterprises in China Again

Recently, ACFIC has announced billboard and the relevant analysis report about top 500 private enterprises in China in 2018 , indicating CLW Group has been one of them, with the revenue of 16.754 billion, ranking 461.

Under the circumstance of slow growth of economy and stagflation of foreign trade, processing and consumption, the economic benefits of CLW Group are rising significantly because it regards technology and revolution of institutional innovation as origin of force, initiating the introduction of high-tech innovation and enterprise independent innovation. It has successively cooperated with  KAM Snow Removal Equipment Co., Ltd. in Korea, MORO Company in Italy and high-tech auto pasts manufacturing companies in America to introduce advanced production technology, dominating in municipal environmental vehicles like dust suppression vehicles, snow sweepers, high-end suction -type sewer scavengers, dung suction truck and cleaning vehicles for high pressure pipe line. Besides, it has developed the first six-driven forest fire-fighting caravan  which is leading in multifunctional cleaning vehicle industry through patented invention and self-dependent innovation.

From January to August, this company has achieved the goal of making progress while ensuring stability, with the output value of 3.2 billion and the yield of 30 thousand, increased by 6% of year-on-year growth. It is expected that the auto value of output of CLW Group will be raised by 10 billion next year when the auto industrial park with 1500 acres in Zengdu District is fully operational, followed with sharp rising of its place in industry.

CLW Group
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