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“Quality Chengli, the Beauty of the Future”----The 2019 Annual Meeting of Chengli Automobile Group Was Held in Country Garden Hotel

"Winter Sweet is red and is the first to open, winter snow is melting and spring is warm." Every year, the 25th of the twelfth lunar month, Chengli Automobile Group will hold a national grand annual meeting in this fixed time, summing up the work of the year, deploying the New Year goals and strategic layout.

The 2019 Annual Meeting of Chengli Automobile Group Was Held in Country Garden Hotel

More than 1,000 people from all over the country, including excellent parts suppliers, outstanding sales elites, and local municipal functional leaders, corporate employees, strategic partners and guests attended the event.

In the past year, the sales volume of Chengli products has been ranked in the forefront of the same industry in the country. Sanitation vehicles accounted for 24% of the national production and sales volume, ranking first in the past six years, becoming the vane of China's specialty steam manufacturing industry. The company successfully completed the annual target mission. The core value of the company's core enterprise, Chengli, has exceeded 5 billion yuan for the first time, paid more than 80 million yuan in taxes, and earned 30 million US dollars in exports. The goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan was completed two years ahead of schedule. During the year, we participated in precision poverty alleviation and various social welfares to achieve new results. However, there are also problems and phenomena in the development of enterprises that are unbalanced, uncertain, and slow in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy.

In 2018, Chengli Company cultivated 7 professional factories with output value of over 100 million yuan, including 464 million yuan for sprinklers, 262 million yuan for group members, 182 million yuan for special vans, and 170 million yuan for wreckers, 135 million yuan for the road sweeping vehicle factory, 134 million yuan for the propaganda car factory, and 130 million yuan for the commercial special vehicle factory. The output value of 12 professional factories such as the pull arm car factory and the van type car factory exceeded 50 million yuan. Chengli Heavy Industry, commercial vehicles, and new energy vehicle companies are gradually forming productivity.

In 2019, Chengli Group will actively promote the transformation of new products into standardization, high-end and intelligent. It will take the lead in introducing advanced robot welding technology, improve efficiency and quality, and implement two-in-one integration work plan. The company's sanitation vehicles, urban logistics vehicles, etc. should rely on the advantages of the Internet +, and gradually transition to remote process optimization, online value-added services. Chengli should improve the enterprise's informatization and network modernization management capabilities, and lay a solid foundation for the output value of 100 billion yuan and 100 years of strength.
The annual meeting was successfully concluded in a variety of cultural programs.

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