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Safety Operation of Tanker Truck

Oil tank truck:
also known as the mobile tanker, computerized tax-controlled tanker, an oil tanker, an edible oil tanker. It is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricants, and coal tar, etc.).

According to different uses and using environments, there are many functions of refueling or transporting oil, such as oil absorption, pumping, multi-oil loading, distribution and so on. The special part of the oil truck consists of a tank body, force extractor, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system, and other components. The pipe network system consists of an oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter screen, and pipeline.

Safe operation
1. Oil tank trucks should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, and trailer Metro chains and poles should be installed. When driving, the trailer chain should touch the ground; when refueling or discharging, the pole must be inserted into the wet ground.

2. Oil tank filling holes should be sealed tightly, oil discharging valves and oil discharging pipes should be free of leakage, oil tank ventilation holes should be unblocked, oil pump inlet filter screen should be cleaned regularly. When the oil hose is used up, the joint caps at both ends shall be installed immediately, and no dirt shall enter.

3. No tempering shall be allowed in the gasifier and exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

4. Oil tanker workers shall not wear shoes with nails.
Smoking is strictly prohibited near oil tanks and fire is strictly prohibited.

5. When parking, it should be far away from the source of the fire. In the hot season, it should be parked in a shady place. When thunderstorms occur, they must not be parked under trees or high-voltage lines. When parking in the middle of a journey, special persons shall be in charge.

6. In the process of overhaul, operators are strictly forbidden to carry fire when they need to enter the tank. Reliable safety precautions must be taken and special guardianship must be provided outside the tank.

7. All electrical devices on the vehicle must be well insulated and sparks are strictly prohibited. Vehicle working lighting should be under 36V safety lights.

8. When the tank settling tank is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to roast on the fire. Hot water and steam can be used to melt or the car can be driven into the heating room to thaw.

9. When underneath the vehicle is being maintained and repaired, the internal combustion engine shall be extinguished, the hand brake shall be tightened and the wheels shall be tightened.

10. When a vehicle needs to be tested after a repair, it shall be driven by qualified personnel. No person or load shall be carried on the vehicle. When it needs to be tested on the road, the license plate issued by the traffic management department shall be attached.

11. When parking on the ramp, the downhill parking should be put in reverse gear, and the uphill parking should be put in first gear, and the triangular wood wedge should be used to tighten the tires.

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