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Analysis of common faults of garbage compactor truck

1. Hydraulic system pressure or low pressure

The reason: oil pump is damaged, inside leaking seriously
Elimination method: check analysis of damage, repair or replace

The reason: damage of multi-way valve (including valve core is serious leakage, overflow valve regulating abnormal)
Elimination method: check analysis of damage, repair or replace

The reason: oil contains a large number of air
Elimination method: exhaust

The reason: oil filter blockage
Elimination method: clean or replace filter

The reason: hydraulic oil metamorphic
Elimination method: choose to replace hydraulic oil

2. The force extractor is not in gear

The reason: low vehicle pneumatic pressure
Elimination method: increase pneumatic pressure

The reason: the force lifter control pneumatic air
Elimination method: repair the power lifter control pneumatic

The reason: take power shift gear damage
Elimination method: gear changing

The reason: fork or fork shaft damage
Elimination method: replace the damaged parts

The reason: spline housing damage
Elimination method: change the spline set

3. No oil or insufficient flow from the oil pump

The reason: insufficient oil or discharge pump rotation
Elimination method: pump spline damage or take power. Don't hang upside

The reason: suction tubing or oil suction filter blockage
Elimination method: analysis, maintenance and repair, remove congestion

The reason: low hydraulic oil supply
Elimination method: add height hydraulic oil to

The reason: the internal components of the pump wear and tear or damage
Elimination method: replace or repair

The reason: seal damage
Elimination method: replacement

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