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Introduction of sewage suction truck

Sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that is combined with collection, transfer clean transport sludge, sewage, avoiding secondary pollution, sewage suction truck can be self-suction and self-discharge, fast speed, large capacity, convenient transportation, suitable for the collection and transportation of feces, mud, crude oil and other liquid substances. Sewage suction truck using domestic technology leading dirt suction truck vacuum pump, suction, suction distance, especially suitable for sewage sludge suction, loading and unloading, especially can suction sewage mud, mud, stones, bricks and other large objects.

Sewage suction truck and dirt absorption car have same principle, but Sewage suction trucks and dirt absorption cars have different ways of using. The difference is that the Sewage suction truck is a round tank, the structure is more compact, can withstand higher pressure to provide more suction, can be used to collect and clean transport sewage, sludge.

Sewage suction truck is mainly used to clean the city sewer, pipe sediment, dredge corner mud ditch, can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipe, wall, and can also be used as sprinkler, water transport and highway, emergency can be used for fire fighting.
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