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Improving the Residential Environment of Urban Residents - Compact Garbage Truck

At present, the process of urbanization in China is accelerating, the population of China is becoming increasingly centralized, and the domestic waste of urban residents is becoming more and more serious. Many provinces and municipalities all over the country are demanding more and more sanitation. They have to solve the problems of incompatible functions and ungraceful environment of residential districts. They have to provide cleaning and garbage cleaning services to some residential districts that do not have market-oriented property management conditions or are not managed by people, improve the living environment of residents and promote the construction of harmonious and livable communities. Chengli has a variety of Garbage trucks, such as Hook Lift Garbage Trucks, Side Loader Garbage Trucks, Swing Arm Garbage Trucks, Skip Loader Garbage Trucks, Dump Garbage Trucks, Docking Garbage Trucks. One of the indispensable ways is to use the most effective way of garbage transportation to dispose of residential garbage, which is the magic weapon - --- compact garbage truck!

The advantages of compact garbage trucks:

1. Widespread use

First-line or second-and third-line big cities and large factories are widely used. Because the roads in these areas are relatively spacious, the Chengli compact garbage truck in Hubei Province will not cause traffic jams but also can shuttle freely in various districts and factories without pressure.

2. Easy to operate.

Fully automatic operation. Compact garbage truck adopts computer control system, which only needs one driver to operate. Its working principle is as follows:

1). When the filling hopper is filled with garbage, the scraper opens and is ready to insert loose garbage.

2). The skateboard drives the scraper to move downward together and inserts into the garbage to crush and compress for the first time.

3). The scraper rotates forward to further compact the garbage.

4). The skateboard drives the scraper upward and fills the garbage into the main compartment, thus completing a filling cycle.

3. Loading capacity

The compact garbage truck is a special vehicle used for collecting, transporting and unloading household garbage in cities and towns. The garbage is pushed into the truck by the vehicle-mounted garbage thruster, also known as a negative pressure mechanism so that the garbage is distributed in the truck with high density and uniformity. Loading capacity is twice as much as the tonnage of uncompressed garbage trucks, praised as "the king of the stomach of environmental cleaners!"

4. Good sealing.

Previous garbage truck design is relatively simple, only the box, all garbage is exposed outside, odor, along the way will drip dirty water, transportation will cause secondary pollution to the environment. Compact garbage truck technology is fully sealed, the body is seamless, skeleton-free welding, and the overall anti-corrosion treatment. The bottom of the filler of the compact garbage truck is equipped with a sewage tank. The accumulated water in the carriage and the surplus water in the hopper are all flowed into the sewage tank. When discharging, the sewage in the sewage tank can be discharged by itself, which can completely solve the secondary pollution in the process of garbage transportation.

Compact garbage trucks have become popular garbage trucks in major cities of China because of their wide use, easy operation, large loading capacity, good sealing, and high safety performance.
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