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Cautions for Use of Gasoline Tanker Truck in Summer

Summer heat, rainwater, gasoline tanker truck maintenance has a long way to go.

In summer, the news of auto-ignition and self-explosion of gasoline tanker trucks and chemical trucks is overwhelming, so in the face of high temperature weather, gasoline tanker trucks should do a good job of protective measures as follows:

Gasoline tanker truck should avoid exposure to the sun at high temperatures. Gasoline tanker truck should be parked in shady areas to avoid fire and to avoid parking near tall buildings. Gasoline tanker truck should avoid driving for long periods of time and driving at high temperatures. Before driving, pay attention to check whether there is gasoline leakage or gasoline leakage in the tank. It is easy to extinguish in summer, which is mainly caused by the electronic ignition module. Because of the high temperature in summer, the thermal breakdown of the ignition module and the reduction of the voltage of the high-voltage ignition coil will cause extinguishment.

During the summer rainy season, the ignition system and brake system of gasoline tanker trucks chassis are easy to be damped, so the high-voltage wire and brake should be checked frequently.

Brake disc extreme temperature will also lead to braking effect decline, which should be checked in time, if necessary, to stop for cooling treatment. Chassis is the closest part to the ground, especially seriously affected by road conditions. Long-term rain erosion can easily make chassis corrode and rust and even make hub loosen and perforate. At the same time, stains in rain may block the drainage holes on the chassis, thus affecting the normal running of the tanker.

To ensure the safety of gasoline tanker truck in summer, it is necessary to observe, repair and maintain them diligently.

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