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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank

Liquefied petroleum gas tanks contain compressed gas or liquefied gas tanks, etc. Liquefied petroleum gas tanks can be divided into fixed volume storage tanks and movable volume storage tanks according to the volume change. Large fixed volume LPG tanks are spherical, while small ones are cylindrical. Active volume storage tank, also known as low-pressure gas storage tank, commonly known as the gas cabinet, its geometric volume can be changed, tightly sealed, no leakage, and has the role of balancing air pressure and regulating air supply, the pressure generally does not exceed 60 MPa.

The structure of spherical tanks is not complicated, but the manufacture and installation of spherical tanks are more difficult than other types of tanks. Moreover, since spherical tanks are mostly pressure or cryogenic vessels, most of the materials they contain are flammable and explosive, and their loading capacity is large. Once an accident occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, the design and use of spherical tanks should ensure safety and reliability.

Reasonable design of spherical tank structure must consider various factors: Such as the nature of loading materials, design temperature and pressure, materials, manufacturing technology and equipment, installation methods, welding and inspection requirements, easy and reliable operation, the impact of the natural environment and so on. To meet the requirements of various processes, it is necessary to have sufficient strength and stability, and the structure is as simple as possible so that it can be easily measured by pressing, assembly, welding, and inspection, operation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Matters needing attention:
1. The safe operation of the LPG tank should control its operating pressure and temperature to prevent the LPG tank from overheating and over-pressure. The reasons for over-temperature and over-pressure of liquefied gas tanks are as follows:

(1) Operational errors
To prevent operation errors, the key operating devices should be listed on the board, marked or written to indicate the opening and closing direction of the valve, the opening, and closing state, matters needing attention, etc.

(2) Overfilling of liquefied gas
Measures to prevent excessive filling include: filling strictly according to the prescribed storage capacity, and pulling out the excess if overloading is found; All instruments used for filling must be inspected regularly, and the level gauge should be flushed regularly. If there is residual liquid in the container, it should be included in its filling capacity, and its weight should not be neglected. When the ambient temperature rises, spray cooling should be carried out.

2. Maintenance of LPG tanks.
(1) Maintain a good anti-corrosion layer;
(2) Eliminate the factors causing corrosion.

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