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Brief Introduction of Oil Tank Truck

According to the different transport media, commonly used are carbon steel tank, stainless steel tank, manganese steel tank, aluminum tank, steel-lined plastic (or rubber) tank and plastic tank. Advanced numerical control automatic longitudinal welding technology, arc butt welding technology of head and integral steel-plastic composite primary forming technology are adopted in-tank forming. It is suitable for transporting light fuel oil, heavy oil, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, edible oil, etc. All oil tank trucks can be designed into chemical trucks and all kinds of heating and insulation series tanks. All tankers can be equipped with computer refueling machines. Wide range of household tonnage selection to meet user needs; The tank body is provided with multi-channel wave-proof baffles. A high-pressure gas leak test is adopted to make the tank body have the characteristics of high strength, stable gravity center, and safe and stable vehicle transportation.

Oil tank trucks, also known as mobile refueling trucks, computerized tax-controlled refueling trucks, oil diversion tank trucks, loading-trucks, tanker trucks, oil transport trucks, edible oil transport trucks, are mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricants and coal tar, etc.). According to different uses and using environments, there are many functions of refueling or transporting oil, such as oil absorption, pumping, multi-oil loading, distribution and so on. The special part of the oil truck consists of a tank body, force extractor, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system, and other components. The pipe network system consists of an oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, filter screen, and pipeline. The structure of the oil tank is an elliptical or trapezoidal cylinder, which is made of a high-quality steel plate. The whole tank is divided into single or multiple bunkers. The bunker can be divided into chambers, and the lower end of the middle baffle has through holes. Each warehouse is welded with sub-warehouse or multi-warehouse, the warehouse can be divided into chambers, the lower end of the middle baffle has through holes, and the middle of each warehouse is welded with sub-warehouse reinforced wave baffle to reduce the impact of oil in the tank body and improve the stiffness of the tank body when the car is running.

In order to prevent rust, the outer surface of the tank is coated with anti-rust paint and decorative paint, and a container indicator is installed in the middle of the side of the tank, which can directly indicate the volume of the tank when refueling or transporting oil to the tank. (Optional) The opening of the tank is a hole 500 mm in diameter for maintenance. The large cover is fastened to the stiffening plate of the can mouth by bolts, and the small cover is connected with the large cover by a pin and an ear plate. Clockwise rotation of the upper handle of the small cover can tighten the small cover. When the ear plate is removed, the small cover can be opened, and a breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the big cover. In order to ensure that the tank pressure is basically the same as the atmospheric pressure during the working process of the tanker, a breathing valve is installed on the lid of the tank. When the oil in the tank is heated and expanded or when the oil pump is used to refuel the tank, the oil surface in the tank rises and the pressure increases. When the pressure in the tank is higher than the external pressure of 8KPA, the upper valve of the breathing valve opens. When the oil pump is used to drain oil outward or when the oil is cooled and contracted, the oil surface decreases and the pressure decreases. When the pressure in the tank is lower than the external pressure of 3KPA, the lower valve piece of the breathing valve opens.

It has the functions of self-suction oil and self-discharge oil. It can be divided into two or three different specifications of oil. It can be equipped with a double pump. Car purchasers must possess certificates of transport qualification for dangerous goods, and transporters must possess certificates of employment qualification and escort certificates.

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