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The status of roadshow trucks at home and abroad

In recent years, under the active promotion of the ministry of culture and governments at all levels, China's roadshow truck industry has developed rapidly. The market demand has kept growing for many years, and a number of manufacturing enterprises have emerged. Customers are mainly all levels of governments, cultural groups, mainly used for "culture to the countryside" and commercial performances.

At present, the grade of domestic roadshow trucks is generally lower, mainly single model. In the future, semi-truck will have a certain growth. Most of the trucks for foreign road shows are semi-mounted, with high quality products, which are mainly used in the itinerant exhibitions and performances of commercial products. In the domestic also can occasionally see the foreign road show truck, its configuration is high, the digital degree is high, the appearance spray-painted atmosphere.

In the future, with the change of customer types, the functional requirements of domestic roadshow trucks will be diversified and develop towards the direction of specialization, large scale and multi-function, and the requirements for their functions and devices will be further increased. In addition, viewing from the global trend, the roadshow card body will adopt new structure, new technology, as well as with high strength, self-weight light, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, insulation and other characteristics of the new materials (such as polymer composites, etc.), to achieve the goal of easy operation, their own lightweight visual aesthetics.

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