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Causes and solutions of common breakdowns of the vacuum pump system of the dirt suction truck

1. The suction of the dirt absorption system is not high in vacuum degree.

(1) If the sewage suction truck work accidentally over, pollution of the whole system caused by the vacuum of the system is not high or no vacuum, cause a serious damage to the pump, it should be fully clean the suction pipe system after the occurrence of this situation.
(2) It is necessary to clean the overflow valve frequently to prevent the garbage from getting stuck so that the overflow valve loses its function.

2. Refueling notes for sewage suction truck

(1) Before refueling in the secondary separator, run the vacuum pump for 2-3 minutes, drain the oil in the pump to the secondary separator, and then observe whether the oil level reaches the scale.

(2) when outdoor temperature is below 0 ℃ with antifreeze oil, 32 # engine oil is used in the 0 to 10 ℃, above 10 ℃ in closed gear oil.

3. Fuel injection from exhaust of sewage suction truck system

(1) If the user adds too much oil during use, please pay attention to the appropriate amount of oil. If too much oil is added, the phenomenon of oil injection will disappear after a period of use.

(2) In the process of using, the pump speed is too high, which will cause the phenomenon of oil injection. Please use the suction pump according to the rated speed of the pump.
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