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What's a Good Way to Deal with the Jitter of High-pressure Cleaning Car Reel

As the high-pressure cleaning vehicle belongs to the professional special vehicle, the technical content of it is high. But it is difficult to repair whenever the failure happens. Today, we introduce the cause and treatment of the coil jitter of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle in the process of using.

The main reason for the disc jitter is that there is air in the pipeline between the water tank of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle and the high-pressure pump, which makes the high-pressure pump insufficient to feed water and unable to reach the rated flow rate of the high-pressure pump. The air flow produced by water and air makes the reel shake continuously. The solutions are as follows:

1. Check whether the inlet filter is blocked, clean the filter and replace the filter if necessary.

2. Check whether the water pipe jam between the tank and the high-pressure pump is loose, such as loosing and tightening; check whether the water pipe is damaged. If it is damaged, we should replace it.

3. Whether the four-position three-way valve is opened to the correct position, and the ball valve has no damage. If damaged, replace the four-position three-way valve.

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