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Four reasons of fecal suction truck overflow valve overflow tank and the correct way to operate

There are four main reasons for fecal suction truck overflow the tank :

1. Suction is too big. fecal suction truck in the suction of pollution, will produce 7-8 air pressure, such a big air pressure, only by the overflow valve is difficult to completely prevent.

2. The sealing gasket of the anti-overflow valve is aging and becoming hard or damaged, leading to poor sealing. Anti-overflow valve depends on sealing gasket seal, if the anti-overflow valve sealing gasket aging or damage, and can not seal, fecal water will leak from the destruction of sealing gasket, it will come in the pump.

3. The float of the overflow valve is too dirty and the surface is not smooth.

4. There are many and light drifting objects in the dung water of the tank body inhaled by the dung fecal suction truck, such as blisters, feathers and so on. These drifting objects are both large and light, which cannot generate enough buoyancy to make the float ball float to block the exhaust. As a result, air bubbles or feathers are sucked into the pump, creating an overflow tank.

The above is why the fecal suction truck installed anti-overflow valve also produced the phenomenon of overflow tank, fecal suction truck owners can rely on the above to find the reason. If absorb muck car basically wants to prevent to absorb muck car excessive tank, the the most useful method is to notice the absorbing muck car to go up to inspect muck window namely moment, when sewage interval sees muck window 10 centimeters of left and right sides, will be about to close in real time suck dirt pump, did not suck continuously dirt. If there are preconditions, the best way may be able to give suction dung-car placement fluid full alarm assembly. When the sewage in the tank of the suction tank arrives at the appointed position, the liquid full alarm assembly will issue an alarm, prompting the operator to close the suction tank, so it is not easy to overflow the tank.
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