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Notices of the Aerial Platform Truck

The industry of the aerial platform truck has the characteristics of small scale, various products, strong specificity, high technology content, high security requirements and obvious differentiated demand. Usually, it can only be customized according to the specific requirements. It is difficult for achieve mass production of a single specification product. Specialized small and medium-sized enterprises are suitable for having aerial platform truck for sale. The aerial platform truck is a kind of elevator, which we often see someone operating it. Because aerial platform truck is used in the high-altitude work, we should pay attention to the safety of using it.

Operators of aerial platform truck must receive the special training and pass the examination before they can operate and use the aerial platform truck. In addition, operators must have the familiarity and understanding of the structure, performance and other aspects of the aerial platform truck. Personal safety precautions should be taken when operating.

Before the operation, we should check and maintain the aerial platform truck and then start the aerial platform truck. Before working, it should be checked whether there are obstacles in the scope of work. If it has, it needs to clean and then start. The person in charge of the work shall make technical and safety explanations to the operators. The person in charge of the work shall confirm that the status of the aerial platform truck and operators should confirm whether it meets the requirements of the safety technical measures.

In order to operate and use the elevator safely, it is required that the elevator should not be overloaded. The operation and use of the elevator should be handled by a professional person. In addition, during the common use, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating rules. As for its malfunction, the manufacturer of the aerial platform truck for sale should send professional maintenance person to deal with it. It is strictly forbidden to deal with it without authorization.

Finally, after the end of the aerial platform truck, the operators should maintain and repair the components according to the maintenance plan, and keep records of the maintence.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, having the aerial platform truck for sale. The quality of aerial platform truck for sale is guaranteed.

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