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Daily Service and Maintenance of Fuel Trucks

Daily Service and Maintenance of Small Fuel Trucks:
(1) First of all, it is necessary to understand and master the main structure, performance and function of the fuel truck. The chassis of the special vehicle must be guaranteed or maintained at the service station as required.
(2) An fuel truck is usually composed of four parts: chassis, tank body, pipe network system and power taking device.
(3) Drivers and friends who drive fuel truck should do well in routine maintenance of fuel truck, check, clean and tighten the trucks before, during and after they leave the truck, find out the important problems or hidden safety hazards in time, and find out the problems in time and deal with them in time.
(4) Check whether the fuel truck, pipe network, valve, and so on are leaking or leaking before leaving the vehicle, whether the upper cover is well covered as required, the amount of lubricating oil, fuel oil, cooling water, hand and foot brakes, steering devices, meters, lights, tire pressure, tire nuts, etc.
(5) The driver's friends should pay attention to the problems during the driving process of the tanker:
①Inspecting the working condition of each instrument while the fuel truck is running;
②Check whether the steering system is working properly while the fuel truck is running.
③Hand-check and foot braking are abnormal in the running of the fuel truck;
④Check engine, chassis and tank body for abnormal noise and odor during running.
⑤Make good use of parking time to check the following work of the fuel truck: touch the brake drum of front and rear wheels by hand, check the tightness of tires and nuts, remove inclusions in tire pattern, check whether there is oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage, check the condition of leaf spring, whether the bolt of transmission shaft is loose, check the appearance of tanker and the pipe network system of tanker;
(6) Oil tanker trucks regularly go to service stations and service stations for chassis alignment maintenance and maintenance;
In particular, it reminds drivers and friends to strengthen the daily maintenance of the fuel truck, and regularly check and replace the fire extinguishers on the trucks in order to prevent accidents.

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