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The Safety Requirements of the Mobile Fuel Truck

Mobile fuel truck belongs to dangerous goods transport vehicle, and the safety is the most important.
The tank requirements of the mobile fuel truck are as follows:
The material and thickness of tank body of mobile fuel truck are determined by its rated load quality. Generally, the tanker with rated load quality less than 8 cubic meters is pressed with 4.0 mm carbon steel plate, the tanker with rated load quality more than 8 cubic meters is pressed with 5.0 mm thick carbon steel plate, and the tanker with rated load quality more than 30 cubic meters is pressed with 6.0 mm thick carbon steel plate. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the tank body requires sufficient strength and good sealing performance. The tank body is equipped with an anti-impact plate to strengthen the tank closure and reduce the pressure in the tank. The accessories of the tank body are equipped with manholes, liquid outlet valves, etc. Some tanks also need heat preservation and flow meters. For a car with two kinds of oil, the tank body can be divided into storage tanks. Under certain circumstances, the interior of the tank of the mobile fuel truck also needs to be coated with anticorrosive paint.

Seabed valves, also known as built-in safety stop bottom valves and emergency shut-off valves, are safety valves installed at the bottom of the tank body of the tanker, which are closed when the tanker is not working. There are two kinds of submarine valves: manual submarine valves and pneumatic submarine valves. Pneumatic submarine valve is added to tank truck of Chengli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. When an accident occurs in an oil tank, because the groove breaking is unable to bear excessive impulse, the body pipeline and the tank body will automatically disconnect, while the automatic middle plunger and durable spring will remain sealed, and the medium in the tank will not leak, thus ensuring the safety of the tank. When no air source or other reasons can not be opened, the cylinder piston rod can be folded and opened manually.
The submarine valve is installed at the bottom of the tank truck and balances with the tank body. It is convenient to use and easy to operate.

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