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Suction Sewer Scavenger of Elite Version Dongfeng-Nissan Tianjin Chassis Produced by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. Pays Attention to Details and Quality

Suction-type sewer scavenger produced by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. applies elite version Dongfeng-nissan Tianjin chassis with model number DFL1160BX1V and cummins engine of 180 horsepower. The new cab-over-engine can be turned over, and its shell of tank is made steels with high quality from WISCO whose volume is about 10 cubic meters. The color of the car, based on what customers need, is yellow. The tank body of Suction-type sewer scavenger of Elite Version Dongfeng-nissan Tianjin Chassis produced by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. takes advantage of excellent steels of 6mm and sk-12 water-ring dirt-suction pump whose vertical suction height is 9 to 10 meters with one seven-meter¢102 transparent pipe. Its special function is self-suction and self-exhaustion, the shell of body is hermetically sealed pressure tank with huge capacity of suction which is able to suction the dirt containing a lot of impurities such as sludge. The tank body can raise the hydraulic pressure to open the rear cover and go on self-discharging, carrying with rear flow port, fecal windows, pressure gauge and device for washing hands.

The suction-type sewer scavenger of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a new environmental vehicle integrating with collecting, transferring, cleaning and transporting sludge and waste water, avoiding the secondary pollution. It can self-suction and self-discharging, with high working speed and huge volume, which is easy to transport so that it is applicable to collect and transport the wet goods such as feces, mud and crude oil. The suction-type sewer scavenger applies vacuum pump which is nationwide leading technology, featuring as huge suction, long suction distance, especially for the suction, shipping and discharging of the shoal materials in sewer like mud, sludge, cobbles and blocks most of all.
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