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Six major hazards of engine idling of fecal suction truck

Because there is no load when the engine of the dung fecal suction truck idles, it is very easy to reach over ten thousand with the rotating speed. Idling is a great test for the parts in the engine of the dung absorption car.

1. The heating of the driving wheel is likely to cause the slack of the tire and the delayed bump, and the heating of the whole wheel will cause the deformation;

2. The fecal suction truck idles in place for a long time, resulting in scraped rail;

3. Cause traction motor speed suddenly increased, which is easy to cause traction motor turn line broken. The idling wheelset traction motor current suddenly decreases, making the current of other traction motors large and easy to cause overload and burn damage.

4. Idling of one wheelset will produce a chain reaction, causing idling of the other wheelsets, greatly reducing the traction of the hook, which is easy to cause slope stop and slow transport;

5. The control distance of the monitor may be wrong due to idling, causing the monitoring device to release;

6, causing traction motor armature voltage increase, so that the commutator between the voltage increase, spark and ring fire.
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