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Daily Maintenance of Oil Tanker Truck

1. The traveling part of the oil tank is commonly said to be the chassis of the car. Generally, drivers are more expert in this area. The problem is that after the tank truck is loaded with the oil pump, we install the transmission shaft and the power take-off device from the engine. With these two devices, we need special attention in operation. If the power take-off device is not properly operated, it will be scrapped.

2. Use and maintenance of oil pumps, please strictly follow the instructions for their use and maintenance, accompanied by instructions.

3. Use and maintenance of tankers, please strictly follow their instructions, accompanied by instructions.

4. Oil output is slow and no oil can be produced. Please check the safety valve and filter net. These should be checked and cleaned regularly.

5. Oil tanks and pipeline systems should be cleaned regularly. Check regularly whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and sealed reliably.

6. In order to ensure the cleanliness of oil tanks, oil tanks, and oil delivery systems should be cleaned regularly, and the inner and outer joints of the two ends of oil transmission hoses should be often smeared with lubricating oil, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. After each operation, the outer end caps (blocking caps) of the inlet and outlet and the two ends of the oil pipeline (blocking caps) should be covered in time to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline.

7. Oil loading should not exceed rated loading quality. (Converted by oil density).

8. The medium through which the ball valve passes should not be too dirty to protect the sealing ring and improve the service life of the ball valve. The ball valves should not work in the semi-closed and semi-open state for a long time. Otherwise, the sealing ring will deteriorate easily, and the handle of each ball valve should be in the closed state in the vehicle.

9. The intake pump network should be frequently dismantled and washed to prevent oil residue from clogging the filter and affecting the flow rate.

10. Respiratory valves should be kept clean so that they are in working condition. Springs in the valves should not be replaced at will to avoid affecting the effect of suction and ventilation. When the breathing valve is blocked, there is a danger of tank deformation.

11. In order to prevent fire accidents on oil tankers, it is not allowed to knock on the parts of oil tankers with metal objects when the exhaust pipes and mufflers are damaged, the pipelines are leaking, the conductivity is very bad or the electrical conductivity is broken, so as to avoid sparks. Fire-fighting equipment should be prepared at any time on oil tankers.

12. If the sedimentation tank under the tank is frozen, it must not be baked by fire. It can be thawed by hot steam or thawed by driving the car into the heating room.

13. Before tanker operation, it is necessary to use a pole to insert into wet soil. The ground-mounted tape should be grounded, and good static conductivity should be maintained throughout the operation.

14. Check the fire extinguisher before leaving the vehicle. Users of the refueling vehicle should be familiar with the use of the fire extinguisher and check and maintain it according to its instructions.

15. Before tanker operation, it is necessary to check whether the pipeline system is leaking, whether the grounding wire is disconnected, and whether the exhaust pipe is damaged. If problems are found, they should be solved before the operation.

16. Oil measurement shall be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations. In winter, if there is water in the self-priming pump, the water must be exhausted to prevent the pump body from freezing.

17. When entering the oil tank, good ventilation should be paid attention to and protection should be provided outside the tank. Clean the tank with soapy water when necessary and then operate.

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