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Cautions for Safe Use of Swing Arm Garbage Truck

The swing arm garbage truck greatly facilitates people, but it also brings some potential safety hazards. In order to use vehicles correctly, prevent safety accidents and bring into play the value of garbage trucks, please bear in mind the matters needing attention. The relevant contents are as follows:

1. Anti-skid blocks should be used when parking on slopes. When parking away from the cab or on a slope, anti-skid blocks should be added to the rear wheels in order to prevent accidents caused by vehicle sliding.
2. Wear work clothes, gloves, safety shoes, safety hats, protective masks and other easy-to-operate items.
3. It is forbidden to hoist the legs when they are not supported on the ground. Unexpected consequences may occur if the legs are not supported on the ground for hoisting operations.
4. It is forbidden to enter the swing arm radius during hoisting operation.
5. It is forbidden to hoist the garbage bin. Lifting the garbage bin is dangerous to damage and knock down the poles and buildings.
6. Traffic is not allowed when the back door of the garbage bin is open and the garbage is not covered. When the back door is open and the garbage is not covered, the garbage in the garbage bin may fly out and cause accidents.
7. In the engine operation of the swing arm garbage truck, it is absolutely forbidden to enter the "box" or "hopper". In the case of checking and adjusting, the engine must be stopped, the key must be pulled out, and the entrance must be carried with you. When the engine operates, due to disoperation and other reasons, it will make the device inadvertently act and create a danger of clamping and involvement. Stop the engine, pull out the key, take it with you before entering.
8. Work should be done in a well-ventilated place.
9. It is forbidden to throw inflammable and explosive objects into the swing arm garbage truck. In order to prevent fire caused by leakage of containers with residues, do not put inflammable and explosive materials into them.
10. No full load or overload. During the running-in period, the full load and overload of garbage trucks cause great damage to the parts. It is necessary to reduce the load according to the load regulation of the vehicle type, and it is advisable not to exceed 70% of the specified load; after the running-in period, it can not overload.
11. Always pay attention to the safety of the working environment.

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