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What kinds of Working Devices does the Aerial Plaform Truck include?

As a professional manufacturer having aerial platform truck for sale, our company will introduce the working device of aerial platform truck. The working device of the aerial platform truck includes leg mechanism, lifting mechanism, rotary mechanism, working platform and leveling mechanism, and so on.

1. Leg mechanism
At present, it adopts the hydraulic legs.

2. Lifting mechanism
It realizes the function of the rise and fall and the amplitude of variation of the operating platform.

3. Rotary mechanism
It usually uses the full rotary mechanism, and the direction of positive and negative rotation can be selected according to the operation needs.

4. Working Platform and Leveling Mechanism
The end connection platform of lifting mechanism is the basic component for the use of loading people or equipment. In order to ensure the safety of workers and prevent equipment falling, countries have put forward clear requirements on the structure and performance of the operation platform, such as the height of the guardrail, the width of the platform, the anti-skid surface of the platform, the seat belt on the platform, and so on. In order to keep the bottom plane of the working platform level throughout the operation process, the aerial platform truck is equipped with automatic leveling mechanism to maintain the level of the working platform. There are mainly three types: mechanical, mechanical-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, having the aerial platform truck for sale. The quality of aerial platform truck for sale is guaranteed.

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